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The Mystery of the Missing 12 Federalist Papers

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The Mystery of the Missing 12 Federalist PapersComplete
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The 6-Point "Priceonomics Way" Checklist

Are you using a template that is known to work?
Did you run an "Idea Test" to see if the topic was interesting to people?
Does your article follow the writing and editing best practices? (see below checklist)
Did you A/B test the titles at least 24 hours before publication?
Did you email the article to 50 journalists and bloggers? Post it to relevant forums?
Did you check the results of the campaign? Is it generating press, traffic, shares or conversions?

Any overall notes you want to leave about this content campaign? Leave them here.

Editing and Writing Checklist

  Does the first sentence make the case for why this article will be interesting?
  Does the intro contain the "key nugget" or takeaway that you want readers to share?
  Do you know why someone would share the article? What would they say? Is the "nugget" something readers will want to share?
  Can you read just the topic sentences of the article and understand it?
  With charts, do you introduce them first, then show the chart, then explain the result?
  Is the article copy edited for typos?
  Final sanity check. Have you confirmed that there is nothing offensive or inaccurate in the article, and that you own the rights to all images and text in the article?
  Is the title something interesting that people will have an opinion about one way or another?

Any notes, edits, feedback you want to leave about the article?

Distribution Checklist

  Did you email it to at least 50 journalists, writers, bloggers, influencers
  Did you post it to relevant forums like Reddit, Digg, Hacker News?
  Did you send it to journalists who have covered you in the past who might be interested?
  Did you post it on all your company's social channels (email newsletter, FB, Twitter, etc.)?
  Employee sharing: did you share it with the rest of the company and encourage them to share it?

Any notes about the content distribution plan? Leave them here.